All Projects of NIPER Guwahati

Since 2014, NIPER-G was awarded with several prestigious grant from various ministries. More than 10.00 Crores were sanctioned under EMR projects to all the faculty funded by DBT, DST, SERB, ICMR, BIRAC, NMHS etc.

Identification novel and set of potential biomarkers correlated with specific cardiovascular complications in type 2 diabetes patients - Dr. Ramu Adela ICMR 70 Lakhs 2020-23 Ongoing
Deep learning assessment for identification of novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for prediction of diabetic retinopathy in northeast population Dr. Ramu Adela - ICMR 45 Lakhs 2020-23 Ongoing
Development of targeted gut lymphangiogenesis nanomedicine for treatment of liver cirrhosis. Dr. Subham Banerjee - DST-Nano Mission 50.25 Lakhs 2020-23 Ongoing
Generation of 3D printed multi-functional customized drug delivery systems: in vitro, and in vivo evaluations. Dr. Subham Banerjee - ICMR 25 Lakhs 2020-22 Ongoing
Integrated Information System to Interpret, Integrate and mitigation of cardio-metabolic health care in Northeast tribes of Assam and Mizoram. Dr. USN Murty Dr. Ramu Adela ICMR 70 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Developing a public health informatics platform in India for a systems view of health & diseases under epidemiology data analytics (EDA) of interdisciplinary cyber physical systems (ICPS) programme. Dr. USN Murty - DST 175 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Pharmacoengineered lipid core-shell nanoarchitectonics to enhance macrophages uptake for potential translational therapeutic outcome. Dr. Subham Banerjee - SERB, DST 35 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Medicated Skin Patch to Mitigate Destructive Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Six Districts of Assam. Dr. Subham Banerjee - ITGA-ASTECH,
Govt. of Assam
3.0 Lakhs 2019-21 Ongoing
North-Eastern Societal aspect for Translational (NEST) Phytopharmaceutical/Herbal Research Incubation Centre. Dr. USN Murty - BioNEST-BIRAC 300 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Development of non-invasive diagnostic method and pharmacological intervention strategies to modulate EMT pathway for detection and amelioration of PM. Dr. VGM Naidu Prof. S B Gokhale,
Civil Engg. Dept.
IIT Guwahati
NECBH Outreach, DBT-Twinning 16 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Establishment of cell permeant recombinant protein toolbox for the conversation of adult human somatic cells to insulin producing beta cells. Dr. Ranadeep Gogoi Prof. Rajakumar, BSBE Dept., IIT Guwahati NECBH Outreach, DBT-Twinning 16 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Bioengineered bilayer 3D printlets for segregated compartmental delivery of fixed dose anti-tubercular drug combinations Dr. Subham Banerjee Prof. S.K. Dwivedy, ME Dept., IIT Guwahati NECBH Outreach, DBT-Twinning 12 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
National Centre for Pharmacoengineering (State-of-the-art-facility) Dr. USN Murty Dr. VGM Naidu
Dr. Subham Banerjee
DPRP-DST 500 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
To study and access the knowledge of traditional healthcare practices and traditional medicines used in tribal population and revitalizing by scientific validation. Dr. USN Murty Dr. Ramu Adela Min. Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India. 40 Lakhs 2019-22 Ongoing
Exploration of drug development for physchological stress mediated IBD, cancer & Malaria from the indigenous medicinal plants of NER Dr. USN Murty Dr. VGM Naidu DRDO-LSRB, Min. of Defence. 42 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
Development of novel liquid-retentive and reconstitutable solid-dry powder topical formulations containing oil-in-water nanosized cationic emulsions loaded with or without cyclosporine A to manage the moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. Dr. S. Tamilvanan - DBT 35 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
Hit to lead optimization of Novel triazine analogues as potential autophagy modulators. Dr. VGM Naidu - DBT 58 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
Systematic & Scientific investigation of selected medicinal plants of NER Dr. USN Murty Dr. VGM Naidu DBT-NE 81 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
Development of synthetic & ON/OFF riboswitches using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tool Dr. Utpal Mohan - DBT 54 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) Grant Dr. USN Murty Dr. VGM Naidu NMHS, Min. of Environment & Forestry 127.5 Lakhs 2018-21 Ongoing
Prophylactic transdermal patch against neurotoxin poisoning in biological warfare situations. Dr. Subham Banerjee - GYTI-SRISTI, BIRAC 15 Lakhs 2017-19 Completed
Gold Capsuled Combination Nanomedicine for Target Specic Therapy of Chemoresistant Breast Tumors. Dr. VGM Naidu - SERB, DST 12.65 Lakhs 2017-19 Completed
Studies on the development of DNA Aptamers from cell-selex for their application as anti-cancer agents Dr. Shubhangi Kaushik Dr. Utpal Mohan DBT-BioCARE 43.5 Lakhs 2017-19 Completed
In vitro evolution of m-RNA cleaving deoxyribozymes Dr. Utpal Mohan - DBT 48.10 Lakhs 2016-19 Completed
Design and Fabrication of EphA2 receptor targeting lipid polymer hybrid particles for sensitising breast cancer stem cells to enhance efficiency of chemotherapy. Dr. VGM Naidu - YSS-SERB, DST 27 Lakhs 2015-18 Completed
Targeting neuroinflammation, oxidative nitrosative stress and PARP over activation in experimental model of neuropathic pain Dr. Ranadeep Gogoi - DBT-Twinning 50 Lakhs 2014-17 Completed
Synthetic Riboswitch mediated gene regulation of MTb genes responsible for its pathogenesis or survival Dr. Swapnil Sinha Dr. Utpal Mohan DST-WOS-A 24 Lakhs 2014-17 Completed


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