Dr (Mrs) Sashi Bala Singh, Director General (Life Sciences), DRDO, Govt of India visited NIPER Guwahati on 14th June 2017. Dr Singh was the distinguished scientist and former Director of Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), DRDO Delhi. She also served in difficult areas in Ladakh while working as a Director, Defense Institute of High Allied Research (DIHAR), Leh.

The Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS) is an Indian Defence Laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Located in Delhi, it conducts physiological and biomedical research to improve human performance in extreme and wartime environments. DIPAS is organised under the Life Sciences Directorate of DRDO.

Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR)(erstwhile Field Research Laboratory) is only one of its kind situated in Leh at an altitude of 3500 m above MSL, having core competence in cold arid agro-animal technology in the world. The same has been examined and certified by LIMCA Book of Records under World Record category. This institute is the brain child of the first Prime Minister of India, late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and was established in 1962 with the quest to become world class leader in the area of cold arid agro-animal technologies. The institute through its pioneering R&D efforts over the years has brought about perceptible qualitative and quantitative changes in agriculture, animal husbandry and cold desert flora of Ladakh.
The thrust of the institute has been to do basic directed research for productivity enhancement in vegetable cultivation; exploitation of high altitude plant wealth for herbal products; collection, evaluation and permafrost based conservation of elite germplasm; minimal processing, freeze preservation of vegetables and post-harvest technology of perishable food items; sustainable utilization of biodegradable waste for energy production; high altitude physiology; conservation and upgradation of local unproductive animal population with elite germplasm etc. The institute has its research stations at Ranbirpura (11,900 ft), Partapur (Nubra-Siachen Brigade - 9,500 ft), Kargil (10,000 ft) and its rear base at 'N' Area, Chandigarh. A research facility at Changla Top (17,586 ft) has recently been opended.

Dr Shashi Bala Singh, DS & DG(LS) served as Director, DIPAS from 1st December 2010 to 30th November 2016