Joint Secretary, DOP Visit to NIPER-Guwahati Campus

Mr. Rajneesh Tingal, Joint Secretary, DoP visited NIPER-Guwahati Campus at NITS-Mirza campus on 23rd September 2017.

Dr USN Murty, Director, NIPER-Guwahati and Mr. Rajneesh Tingal, Joint Secretary, DoP along with the students while visiting the NIPER-Guwahati campus.

He visited all the facilities of the NIPER-Guwahati campus including classrooms,laboratories, computer lab, hostels, hostel mess etc in the campus. He also visited the facilities available at GBP, IIT-Guwahati Campus as well as the GNRC, North Guwahati Campus whose facilities are availed by the students of NIPER-Guwahati.