NIPER-Guwahati is pleased to announce that Dr. Utpal Mohan, Asstt. Professor, Department of Biotechnology participated and has been selected in the iBEC 2017 Competition and will be representing NIPER for the first time at iGEM, MIT, Boston

The purpose of iBEC is to encourage and support student teams from India to participate in the world-wide synthetic biology competition, the iGEM [international Genetically Engineered Machine].

Competition details
  • Research Concepts invited to build genetically engineered systems using standard interchangeable parts (promoters, terminators, plasmid backbone, reporter elements etc.) and operate them in living system.
  • The cells so produced should exhibit novel and salient properties for potential applications.
Dr. Utpal Mohan alongwith a 09 member student team will be participating at iGEM, MIT, Boston in November 2017.

Let us join in congratulating Dr. Utpal Mohan and his team for winning this competition and wish them good luck for the iGEM 2017 Competition.