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About NIPER-Guwahati

               The  National  Institute  of  Pharmaceutical  Education  and  Research  (NIPER)  has  been
               established under the aegis of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India,
               Dept. of Pharmaceuticals as a Centre of Excellence in imparting higher education, research
               and  development  in  pharmaceutical  sciences  in  many  parts  of  our  country.    As  per  the
               notification of Government of India on 26th June 1998, the NIPER was declared as an Institute
               of National Importance through an Act of Parliament.  The NIPER-Guwahati is the fifth Institute
               among  seven  NIPERs  started functioning from September,  2008  under  the  mentorship  of
               Gauhati  Medical  College  and  Hospital,  Assam.  In  the  same  year,  the  journey  of  NIPER-
               Guwahati started by admitting students with two postgraduate courses namely, M.S. (Pharm)
               Pharmacology  &  Toxicology  and  M.  Pharm.  Pharmacy  Practice.    In  2010,  the  NIPER-
               Guwahati started offering M.S. (Pharm) in Biotechnology course. This Institute has started its
               journey of doctoral degree program by offering the Ph.D. in the Department of Pharmacology
               & Toxicology from 2011 onwards. Subsequently expanded its Ph.D. program in  two other
               departments namely, Biotechnology and Pharmacy practice from the academic years of 2014
               and  2015,  respectively.  In  the  year  of  2018,  NIPER-G  received  additional  two  more
               departments  namely,  Pharmaceutics  and  Pharmaceutical  Analysis.  NIPER-Guwahati
               provides encouragement to faculty to pursue sponsored research  of high relevance to
               pharmaceutical industry and offers industrial consultancy services to further strengthen the
               bonds with pharmaceutical industries.

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